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My Move To Richmond - With Commentary!

By Michael - 01-03-07

Note: This article's been sitting on my hard drive for quite some time. I moved to Richmond in May, and I cannot clearly remember all of these events - So in order for this article to be as detailed and accurate as possible I got with Frosty to create a podcast that I could base the article on. This recording has been split up into several sections, based on subject. You'll find MP3 files sprinkled throughout the article.

It's been so long, I can barely remember how to write. Ok that's it, put a period there to end that sentence... Put ellipsis points here to... do their ellipsis points thang. I think this is going to be another fairly blog-like article, much like this one here. Consider this a "part two" to that article, if you will.

Back when I quit my deli job last August, I was going over my options over the phone with Frosty. He'd often recommended that I move to Richmond, VA, home to crazy traffic, outdoor malls, and Capital One. 

"Dude, you should move to Richmond", he would say. "Give me the word, and I'll get a truck and come pick you up. We'll find you a drummer, a computer job, and several really skinny pale women right away!"

"Really skinny? Like their ribs are showing?", I asked as I salivated profusely.

"Yes! And we'll play video games all the time, and buy you a monkey, or a lizard! Your choice!"

I still had plenty of money in the bank, so I continued to respond, "Yeah, we'll see."

Months later, it finally got to the point where I had to decide whether to move or not. You see, it costs a certain amount of money to move, and I had to make the decision while that money was still in the bank.

So, I sent Frosty a check so he could purchase a plane ticket to Atlanta (I took him up on his offer to drive the U-Haul). Then, I began the process of packing up my stuff, which wasn't really too hard since most of it was already stored in Sterlite(tm) boxes. It was finally time to leave my home of over ten years, which I hated. 

I mean to say, I hated my home of over ten years, not that I hated to leave my home of ten years. That place kinda sucked.

Going to Get the TruckPage 1: Going to Get the Truck





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