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Maniacal Laughter: Easy to Start, Hard to Maintain

By MaximumTacolord - 08-30-06

Sure, we’ve all seen madmen in the moves laugh evilly, heard Devil Jin snicker in Tekken 5 because he’s top tier at the end of a match, or the psychopath in the grocery store giggle madly as he checked the melons for ripeness. Of course the same thing always goes through our minds, “I could do better.” Yet, we never seem to try.

How many times a week do we hand a credit card over to a cashier and think, “Man, if I could just start cracking up, I’d totally creep this lady out.” But we never actually do it. What’s holding us back, how come that righteous feeling of greatness never seems to show through when it’s time to pull our balls off the floor and freak out everyone in hearing range?

“I was late for class the other day and thought, damn if I could kick down the door and just start screaming ‘Bwahahaha’ that professor wouldn’t give me any trouble,” Tim Jones said. “Of course I just walked in quietly and covered my head in shame as the professor scolded me for interrupting his lecture on Buddhist chants.”

“Lately in bed, I know my inability to maintain a steady laugh has been affecting my relationship,” Shelley Winters said. “I can only last two minutes at best before I get hoarse and even then, it’s kind of monotone. The pitch never changes. You could hardly call me a mad woman at all, just kind of annoying and weird.”

“Everyone thinks the crazy laugh is so easy because the media always makes it look so simple,” said Dr. Rodriguez, warden of Gram’s Institution for the Morally Challenged. “The Joker is always cackling while trying to kill Batman, a hero so tough he could kill Superman and your dad at the same time! Or when the bold Ichigo keeps maliciously cracking up while cutting people into pieces with such a huge sword. Seriously, that thing is as tall as he is! No wonder it looks so easy while they multitask it with something so difficult! But you have to remember, a lot of practice in front of the mirror happened well before a fish had a smile painted on it.”

“The important thing about a mad laugh is being yourself,” Len Pickering said. “Just because someone else adds a 'muw' before their 'hahaha' doesn’t mean you have to. Also, laughing for twenty minutes isn’t necessary when laughing for thirty seconds will do just as well. Even a mad hatter has to inhale.”

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