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The Making of "I Like My Women Inbred - Special Edition"

By Michael - 07-06-05

Some of you may be aware that I did a little animation called "I Like My Women Inbred" way back in December of 2001. Over the years, it's become an international phenomenon. By "international phenomenon," I mean to say "about 10 people have seen it."

Anyway, I made the cartoon a long time ago. My Flash skills have improved just a little bit since then. The original animation seemed quite dated, and I've never been really happy with it, so I decided to revamp it with updated art and sound. I made this monumental decision late 2003, which shows how long it takes me to get a damned cartoon finished.

The following article is about the making of this remake, and it just might show you how time-consuming and meticulous a simple little two-minute long Flash video can actually be. If you're curious as to how these things are made, click below, and I will continue in full, droning detail!

Viking LifePage 1: The Studio Session!





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