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How To Create "The Mood" Inexpensively And Easily

By Frosty - 01-08-05

Candles are a good thing for creating "the mood", as long as you are careful. I won't rant on fire safety, but fire is dangerous if you aren't cautious.

So please be careful whatever you do! Plus if you are careful, you won't have to figure out what to do about that huge burn mark on the wall and the bill to the fire department when the 'rents get back (If you live with them).

You can get candles that appeal to you. If you're too cool to have the usual candle holders, you can get the skulls, gargoyles, dragons and so forth.

can_skullgargoyledragon1.jpg (49853 bytes)
\m/ \m/ - Editor

There are many types of candles. They have floating candles, glow candles, tea lites, pillars, tapers, gel candles, soy candles, and many more.

If you have some odd glasses at your place, that you don't use much, here is a way that you can get some use out of them.

I say glasses as plastic would be a dangerous choice, and plastic just wouldn't give the same effect.

You can go to the dollar store, or the local arts and crafts store and pick up some decorative glass "stones", or you can even use real stones, marbles, whatever suits your fancy.

They even have clear, colored, stained, and different shapes and sizes to choose from so you can personalize it.

I happen to have the glass "stones", so I will be using them. If you happened to go to the dollar store, or the craft store, while you are there, pick up some floating candles.

While I was looking in my cabinets I happened upon these really odd shaped glasses. They will work perfectly.

Be sure to grab a box of matches, or dig out that dusty Zippo you have from a few years ago, to light the candles with.

Next you can swing by the nearest grocery store and pick up some 'distilled' water. I have found through my own personal trials and errors, 'distilled' water has big benefits.

You don't get those unsightly rings when the water evaporates, and it is easier to maintain the items you are using the water in.

Once you have the water, Shoosh! Off to the pad. When you get there clean the glasses you are using. Your guests will find that floating gunk in the glasses to be unsightly.

Open up the sack of "stones" that you bought, *gently* ( I will stress this especially if you bought the glass stones) put them into the glasses by tilting the glass at an angle to keep the stones from crashing to the bottom of the glass.

You don't have to fill the glass really full of the stones, you can put in enough to cover the bottom if you like, or you can fill it up more, but I would recommend only filling about half way or less.

This will ensure the floating candles have water beneath them and you get the effect you are working for.

Find the places that the candles will be visible and not in an area that could be hazardous, and set the glasses out. Think about the mood you want to create while doing this, it will keep you objective and focused.

Get the 'distilled' water and fill the glasses, but not completely full of water. Leave some extra room in the glass as the candle will increase the water level and you want the water level with the candle in the glass to be under the lip of the glass.

Then, crack open those candles you bought. Pull the wicks up into a standing position to enable you to light them with ease. Then place one in each glass.

Finally right before your guests show, whip out the Zippo or the matches and light the floating candles, turn off the lights, and voila!! La mood!

can_voila1.jpg (29928 bytes)

If you have a lot of glasses with floating candles, it can be quite amazing how the ambience of the room can be changed with them.

Candles can be used to add decorative flair to your lair as well. I have some square plates I picked up at Target for about $7.00 each. I bought 3, then went to my local arts and crafts store and got some sand, stones, and Chinese coins.

I picked out some candles I had in my arsenal that would suit my taste. I also scrounged up some sea shells I had collected over the years.

can_coinsandshells.jpg (34680 bytes)
Coins and Shells.

If you don't have shells, sand, stones or the other items, you can find these items in your arts and crafts stores, and places that specialize in home decor like Pier 1 (Although Pier 1 has some higher prices than you might want to pay).

Set the candles you like into the plates, and pour the sand around the candles. Then place the rocks, shells, and coins around the candles however you like.

Then set the candle plates where you want to display them. Of course, these ones will just be for decoration and not burning.

Finally, candle holders,  such as candelabras, or sconces can be a nice touch as well.

Some of the floor standing wrought iron candle holders are nice too. They can add an artistic touch, as well as aiding the creation of the mood.

From time to time you can find good candle holders on sale at various places. I found some of my best candle stands at Kirkland's, I got a great deal on them too.

can_holder3.jpg (32898 bytes)  can_holder5.jpg (47199 bytes)
Candle Holders.

Not everyone enjoys candles, or romance, but I have found that candles can be a nice player in an intimate evening with your significant other. Gently glowing candles, soft music in the background, and so on.....

One final time I will stress the importance of being careful with candles. In closing I say go out there, have a good time decorating, and create your moods.

Happy glowing radiance!!!






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