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Local Bus Patron Annoyed By Singing Man

By MaximumTacolord - 06-20-06

Milwaukee- A local bus patron, David, was pushed too far by a singing male using public transit. “Here I was, trying to tell everyone on the bus about P.O.D. coming to Summerfest. I was pretty excited, because every other band was crap,” David said, “when suddenly this dude just gets on singing loud and shit. Like, not even in English. At least it didn’t sound like it was in English; he probably just sucked at singing. He was no P.O.D. that’s for sure. At first I just spoke way louder, but the dude didn’t get it so I had to yell at him, like come on!”

“Yea, that guy singing was kind of loud,” said another bus patron. “So I can’t really blame the other guy for yelling at him. He seemed like the okay sort. He got on the bus and immediately started telling everyone at the front about how he was waiting for a phone call from his supervisor. Not everyone includes you in their day like that.”

“That singing dude totally could have drowned out my ring tone,” David said. “I mean, I had to talk so loud just so those at the back could hear me and he was forcing me to do it. I needed to pick up that phone call. Because like I was saying on the bus, my wife wanted a divorce. But I’m a Christian and I know God doesn’t like that shit. I mean, she had grounds 12 years ago, but now. No way. What the hell, why didn’t she do it then? I don’t get it; this is God we’re talking about.”

“Oh man, both those dudes freaked me out,” said myself, local college student forced to ride the bus. “First this guy gets on the bus and just starts talking about his divorce. I had no idea who he was talking to. I just tried really hard to look like I was still reading. But some idiot humored him and kept him going. Thank Jenni’s eye ring he asked why she wanted a divorce, he finally shut up for a few minutes. Until he saw the P.O.D. ad and started announcing his love for the band as he cut it out. Sure the dude singing was annoying, but no more than him. I couldn’t imagine being a bus driver, having to put up with these public displays of masturbation all day. Whatever happened to just whacking off in the dark to Erica Campbell? At least when someone walked in on you, you had the courtesy to stop.”

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