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Review: Breaking Benjamin - "So Cold" EP

By Frosty - 12-07-04

First I have to preface this by telling you I am fairly biased towards the band. They rock! I have been a fan since the early days. I have followed them since they played free concerts, and had no albums out to speak of. I have watched them grow over the last few years. They have played large arenas with the likes of Godsmack (in Roanoke), and Hed PE (in DC). They are currently touring with Korn and Chevelle. Since those early days, the band has produced two LPs and one EP. The first LP is entitled "Saturate" in 2002, and the second LP is "We Are Not Alone Here". The new EP is entitled "So Cold". They are an up and coming force to be recognized in the Metal Genre hailing proudly from Wilkes-barre, PA.

Their music makes me want to get out the board and go thrash. There is an uplifting energy about Breaking Benjamin's music. I had to put the guitar down while listening to this so I could crank out a quick review. ROCK!

The Band is......
Benjamin Burnley - Vocals and Guitar
Aaron Fink - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Hummel - Drums
Markus James (Klepaski) - Bass Guitar

The first song is the acoustic version of "So Cold". If you happened upon a coffee shop where they had cool groups jam once in a while, you might hear this song. Very interesting to hear the unplugged, but it definitely inspires. I am a fan of acoustic work.

Next for all of you Halo fans out there, "Blow Me Away" is a song written especially for Halo 2. Motivating, and after listening I get an urge to jump in a Scorpion and go destroy an opposing team. Violence and aggression!!

In the middle of the album at the number 3 spot you find "Lady Bug". Don't let the title fool you, this is a fast moving song with a punk sound. Have to be moving for this one.

After seeing them perform live, you might start to get an inkling of why I like this band so much. It is almost difficult to describe the way the experience is, so I would recommend going and catching the bug for yourself!

Fourth track brings the live version of "Away". Check out the drums on this one, you can crank it up and let the neighbors enjoy it.

And last but not least we come to the live track "Breakdown". Perhaps you recall back in October on the ABC Family channel, seeing advertisements for the move "The Hollow", with clips of Breaking Benjamin performing "Breakdown". A song that makes you want to go start the mosh pit, regardless of where you are. 

You can pick up all the albums for a reasonable price, but as a music fan and album collector, you never know when an album is going to become rare, valuable, and hard to find. I paid $6.00 for the "So Cold" EP, so it was a good deal and affordable. I have liked all the songs on all the albums, and have yet to be disappointed when purchasing a Breaking Benjamin record, or seeing them in a rock show.

In closing, if you see these guys coming to your area, grab a ticket and go see 'em. They Rock!!

Score one for Breaking Benjamin!!!






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