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By Michael - 02-02-06

Here's my third Subway SA! cartoon! Stay in school! Drink your milk! (EXTERNAL LINK).

Watch "Training" at the following sites:


Produced through Catman & Mary
Michael Laskaris as Training Guy
Drums by Michael Butler 
Dialogue and music produced and engineered by Michael Butler at Butler Sound Studio
Additional editing by Michael Laskaris
Story, animation, music and vector art by Michael Laskaris

Production Notes:

This was the third SA! cartoon I did, and the first of the second batch (If that makes sense). I experimented with and improved upon a lot of the techniques I used for "I Just Want To Get A Nap". Some of the scenes are based on frame-by-frame video footage, and were rather time consuming, but they turned out very smooth. The version I originally turned in was a little over a minute long, and I was asked to shorten it.