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I Just Want To Get A Nap (A Music Video)

By Michael - 06-02-05

I've been meaning to do this one for a long time, folks. It's basically about how I want to get a nap. Enjoy. 

If you can't see anything below, you need Flash 5. Sound is essential. You may also need a Pentium II or higher computer. *This animation uses lots of special effects, so be sure to upgrade your video card and computer before clicking "PLAY".*

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This animation contains "The F Word"... And the "B Word".

You can also watch "I Just Want to Get a Nap" at the following locations:

Download in iPod format (14.1 MB M4V File - Right click or Ctrl+Click to save to your computer)

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Song credits:

Michael Laskaris: Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Walt Entrekin: Drums
Song written by M. Laskaris
Song produced and engineered by M. Butler

Animation and vector art by M. Laskaris

Character References:

Michael as Vocalist/Bass player/Nap guy
Frosty as Guitarist/Backing vocalist
Walt as Drummer

Production Notes:

Here's a song I've had around for a while. I've always planned to make a cartoon out of it. The animation was a royal pain in the behind, but I learned a lot of techniques that I'll be able to apply to future cartoons. Every one of these counts as practice for something bigger and better.

The cartoon isn't 100% of what I wanted it to be, but it'll do for now. Gotta keep moving forward.






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