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I Like My Women Inbred

By Michael - 12-02-01

OK, here it is! If you can't see anything below, you need Flash 5. Sound is essential. You may also need a Pentium II or higher computer. 

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Song written, performed, and produced by: Michael Laskaris

Animation by: Michael Laskaris

Additional vocals: Keith Kerley

Production Notes:

I wrote the first verse for the song when I was working on my game, Boredom III (Development for the game is currently postponed). There was a scene in a redneck town with this song playing in the background. I may still use it in the future.

The song was recorded using Magix Music Studio Deluxe and various guitar-like toys. I dragged my PC over to Keith's to record vocals. I originally intended to sing in an exaggerated southern drawl, but after a few takes, I forgot. What you hear on the recording is pretty much my regular singing voice with a very slight southern accent. Keith punctuated a few lines with some hillbilly vocals of his own.

Okay, this is my first Flash cartoon, so the animation is pretty minimal - simple motion tweening and such. Nothing very advanced. The artwork's kinda rushed, but I think it fits a particular theme. I learned a lot about Flash doing this video, so the next one should be much better. Hope you enjoy it.






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